5 Facts About The Muppets That Every Fan Should Know!

The Muppets

The Muppets Now is now available on Disney Plus!

The show is an unscripted series featuring 3 different segments of a game show, a cooking show and a talk show. The first episode premiered on July 31, 2020 and is called “Due Date.”

So in honor of the big debut, we want to share with you 5 facts about The Muppets that every fan should know, take a look:

Fact 1:

Over the years muppets performers have appeared throughout the Disney universe. Did you know that Dave Goelz, the muppet performer who created and performs Gonzo made his big screen debut in a live action Disney classic? He was an extra in the original Parent Trap!

Many muppets performers also voiced Disney, Pixar and Star Wars characters like Figment and Yoda!

Fact 2:

In 1955, Jim Henson made Kermit from his mom old green coat, he was first a muppet of unspecified species on a local tv show called “Sam & Friends” and didn’t have his iconic collar get. Took a few years but eventually Kermit became the world famous frog we all know and love who had a pretty successful music career as well.

Fact 3:

Kermit’s version of “Rainbow Connection” composed by Paul Williams and Kenny Ascher remained in the Billboard top 40 for seven weeks in 1979! The song also received an Oscar nomination for “Best Original Song.” In subsequent years, three more muppet songs went on to received Academy nominations with “Man or Muppet” composed by Bret Mckenzie winning “Best Original Song” in 2011.

Fact 4:

During his lifetime, Jim Henson reportedly created more then 400 muppets and performed many of them including Kermit, Waldorf, Dr. Teeth, The Swedish Chef and Rowlf the Dog.

Muppets like Rowlf and Fozzie require multiple puppeteers to perform. You’ll also notice that almost all muppets are left-handed because puppeteers use their right hand to perform the head while operating the arm rod with their left hand.

Fact 5:

The finale for The Muppets movie features 250 muppets on screen at the same time using about 150 performers! Jim Henson wanted to use every muppet available which is why you see characters from The Muppets show and other programs.

Among the many puppeteers in the finale scene was a young director named John Landis and a young cal art student named Tim Burton!

Credit: D23

Ana Leal