DIY Disney Easter Eggs

Easter is almost here and that means its time to decorate your Easter eggs! If you want to add some Disney magic to your egg decorating this week, we’ve got some great Disney patterns for you.

For most of these patterns, you’ll need scissors, a ruler, craft paint, colored paper, glue, and cardboard tissue tubes (we should all have plenty of toilet paper rolls right now!). Take a look at the different characters you can create with your Easter eggs:

Mickey Mouse

You can always count on Mickey to forego work when there’s something fun to do — like posing for this most eggs-cellent Easter decoration.

Minnie Mouse

Hatching up a brand new egg decorating idea for Easter can be a blast, particularly for a certain mouse with a penchant for polka-dots.


When it comes to dog tricks, Pluto just raised the bar. With a little help from a young fan, Mickey’s faithful pup can turn himself into a fetching Easter egg.

Donald Duck

Call him a show-off. Call him a prankster. Call him short-tempered. But thanks to his ever-positive outlook, you could never describe Donald as hardboiled.

Daisy Duck

Everybody knows that Daisy has the gift of gab. Likewise, this charming Easter egg, modeled after the flirtatious and fashionable fowl, will be a true conversation starter.


Adorned with a bright green fedora and long floppy ears, this Easter decoration is not only dawggone cute, it also gives new meaning to Goofy’s reputation for being a bit of an egghead.

Buzz Lightyear

While he’s best known for his dynamic performance as a space ranger, Buzz is ever ready to take his role to, well, infinity and beyond. This eggs-traordinary Easter tribute is a case in point.


As the leader of Andy’s toys, Woody never shies away from going the eggs-tra mile. This Easter decoration, inspired by the trusty pull-string cowboy, features a mini doll face for kids to color in — just like Woody’s hand-painted one.

Toy Story Aliens

This Easter, surprise your kids with an eggs-traterrestrial encounter by transforming a batch of Easter eggs into visitors from outer space (a.k.a Pizza Planet).

Which Disney character are you most excited to turn into an Easter egg? Let us know how your eggs turn out!


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