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Should I bring my own stroller to Disney or where could I rent one?

Question: I’m traveling with a toddler.  Should I bring my own stroller or rent one? Where should I get a stroller if I rent?

Answer: Traveling with a toddler to Walt Disney World can be a very exciting and stressful time, and, proper planning is key. On our last trip, my son was two months away from turning three. I’d like to share how I managed to survive navigating the airport, resorts, and parks in terms of a car seat and stroller.

This stroller never would have lasted in the parks!

There are many options when it comes to using a stroller in Walt Disney World. First, the obvious one….take your own. After seeing the wear and tear my luggage has endured, I did not feel comfortable taking my good stroller with me. I took a cheap (under $20) umbrella stroller to get my son through the airport and then rented a stroller through Kingdom Strollers.  I was able to choose exactly what I wanted and the stroller was delivered to my resort and waiting for me upon arrival.  There are a few other companies that offer stroller rentals.  Just make sure it is one that Disney has approved to drop-off and pick-up at the resorts.

Lots of room in our Baby Jogger City Mini rental from Kingdom Strollers!

Some of the pros of renting a stroller through an outside company are

  • No wear and tear to your stroller
  • Delivery to your resort
  • Able to accommodate older kids
  • Parent consoles and even coolers might be included with the rental
  • You can take the stroller back to your resort.
  • The strollers are really nice! They are usually City Minis or BOBs

Cons include:

  • You have to pay to rent
  • It’s not your stroller that you or your child are used to
  • Insurance is not included many times (but it is usually available for a reasonable cost and normally covers theft or damage). These strollers are normally City Minis or BOBs.

Disney also has stroller rentals available in each park. These strollers are the hard plastic design and come in single or double versions. They are typically more expensive to rent and you are not able to take them outside the parks. These strollers are also not suitable for babies, are usually more uncomfortable, and do not have any sort of storage available.

With a toddler, you are definitely going to want a comfortable stroller and it’s great to have a place to put all your stuff.  Of course, don’t leave any valuables in your stroller when you park it to go on rides or eat.  Our last trip, we averaged walking 8-9 miles per day, and my energetic little guy fell asleep by the end of the night in the stroller, and sometimes in the afternoon.  It’s great to have a comfy, shaded place for them to relax.  Trust me, it’ll make your trip that much more enjoyable!!

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