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There’s an App for That! Walt Disney World Smartphone Apps.

There’s an App for That! Walt Disney World Smartphone Apps.

It is always fun to say, “There’s an App for that!”  Well, it is even more fun when it comes to Walt Disney World smartphone apps!  I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the number of apps available for you Walt Disney World vacation.  Enough of me talking, these apps will say it all.

First things first.  Every person who is visiting Walt Disney World MUST put the My Disney Experience App on your smartphone.  The My Disney Experience app is the official app of Walt Disney World and is a huge asset to your trip.  This app provides you with every detail of your trip at your fingertips.

Now that you have your first Walt Disney World Smartphone App installed, you need the second best app you will ever put on your phone, a countdown app!!  There are many countdown apps available on the Apple App Store and Google play.  Some examples are WDW Prep Countdown, Countdown to Disney, Days to go WDW and the Disney Cruiseline App also has a tracker.  The apps are great to help keep you excited for your upcoming trip, but also to help keep track of important dates, such as your Advanced Dining Reservations at 180 days or Fastpasses at 60 days for on-sight guests!

Now that you are Disney don’t think your Walt Disney World Smartphone Apps are complete, there are more that might grab your attention!

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things to do at Walt Disney World is to find Hidden Mickeys, well guess what, There’s an app for that!  The Hidden Mickey’s app will help you search out the most difficult to find Mickey heads Imagineers have hidden all around the Walt Disney World theme parks and resorts.

The Where in WDW App is also great app a great app to find other “hidden” things, such as items you are searching for in the parks.  This app is perfect for helping you find that specific trading pin, specialty drinks or the closest Minnie Ears.

This next Walt Disney World smartphone app is perfect for waiting in line with.  The WDW Trivia app helps pass the time by testing all things Disney.  Don’t think this is just some ordinary trivia app, this app really tests your skills about the Walt Disney World parks and can be as intricate as ‘How many spires are there on Cinderella Castle?’.  Another good trivia app is Mouse Trivia that goes even deeper into Disney history.

Now that you have returned home and are experiencing those Disney blue there are a couple of apps for that as well.

Disney GIFs is a fun app that allows you Disney-fy your messages with fun emojis and GIFs that will have your friends talking about your fun conversation for a while.

The Magic Kingdoms app is another great Walt Disney World smartphone app that allows the imagineer inside of you come alive.  Similar to SimCity, the Magic Kingdom app is a community building app where you get to build your own theme park, just don’t out-do Disney himself!

With so many Walt Disney World smartphone apps available it was hard to narrow down just a few, but this should hold you over for a little while.  Eventually you will end up like me and have dozens of apps that you have downloaded to try, but in my opinion, they are all worth a shot if it is Disney related!  Tell us what some of your favorite Walt Disney World apps are!

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