Top Inexpensive Disney Souvenir Collections

Disney Candyland
Disney Candyland

Top Inexpensive Disney Souvenir Collections 1

One of my favorite things to do at Walt Disney World is to SHOP – checking out all the souvenir shops and seeing what new merchandise they have come up with since the last time I was there is a tradition for me. Unfortunately, I don’t have an unlimited budget to be able to buy it all, so if you’re like me and are looking for those few small (cheap!) things to bring home from the Disney Parks, then read on for my top picks for Inexpensive Disney Souvenir Collections:

Maps: This one is awesome because it’s 100% FREE to grab a few extra maps at each Park to bring home from your trip. If you’re wondering what to do with them – here are a few ideas: you can get crafty and make your own set of drink coasters or a giftable Picture frame. Basically, you can take almost any plain surface and mod podge some Park Maps onto it for an awesome DIY souvenir that is unique and perfect for any Disney Lover!

Playing Cards/Games: My family and I love to play games together – and now that my son is a bit older, he loves to get in on the action, too! He loves this awesome Disney Parks Candy Land, and loves the Muppets Yahtzee we got in Disney Springs years ago. But if you’re looking for a slightly smaller souvenir, I recommend you pick up some Disney Playing Cards – they sell them at most Park and Resort gift shops, and they change the design of them pretty often so it’s a fun souvenir to buy every time you visit Disney – and then you can look back at your collection and reminisce about all the fun trips you have taken! My parents have some awesome neon ones from the 90’s, as well as a deck of Fort Wilderness themed ones that came in a container with Mickey dressed as a cowboy on it. It’s a collection that only costs about $6 a trip but is truly priceless!

Photos: This one has to be my favorite Disney souvenir collection of all time – and while some may not consider it a real “collection” – I do – as I do a lot with the pictures I take. I make albums, I frame and hang the prints, I make shadowbox displays (find out how to do that easily on your own here, I have them printed on things like mugs, bags, notepads and more, and I really think that they are truly the most precious collection, as they are the best way to look back on your time in Disney World and relive all the fun times you had. It’s free to take your own pictures while at the Parks – most smartphone cameras these days have pretty great quality, that’s how I took all of mine last time and they turned out great)! But photo taking isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and so for those who aren’t as skilled at the selfies or even if you just don’t want to have to take out your phone to snap a pic, there’s always the option of purchasing a Memory Maker package for your trip – which allows you to download photos taken by Disney PhotoPass photographers that are stationed throughout the Parks (seriously – they are everywhere!). It is not exactly a cheap way to get photos – as the packages can be a bit pricy, BUT the photos they take are always amazing, and they do some fun “Magic Shots” too – where they add in characters to make the photos even more special. Personally, we have never done the Memory Maker (as I have always been the queen of photo taking!), but it definitely has its benefits and could really be a worthwhile expenditure for your party – you can learn more about it Here

Christmas Ornaments: No matter what the time of year, Disney is always fully stocked with an awesome selection of ornaments that will look perfect on your tree! Disney’s Days Of Christmas store in Disney Springs is open year round and has a great selection to choose from. We usually opt for something metal or fabric (less breakable and easier to travel home with!), and there has always been plenty to choose from in the $15-$20 range. And every year I get to unpack all the ornaments and remember the great mementos from each trip as I hang them!

Jewelry: Now I know this may seem weird – as jewelry is generally not considered to be cheap, but believe it or not – Disney sells a ton of jewelry in the under $30 range – earrings, necklaces, bracelets – I have seen (and bought!) plenty from various places around the Parks, but the best selection I have seen is at the World Of Disney store in Disney Springs. Of course, they offer a wide selection of finer jewelry as well if you’re looking for something in the gold or platinum family – and while I love all the fancy stuff, I enjoy the costume-y type stuff even more, as it’s items I can wear every day and enjoy all the time! My all-time favorite Disney jewelry is a pair of silver skull earrings that I bought from the Pirates of the Caribbean store in Disneyland about a decade ago for $7 – I wear them often and love remembering the fun times I had that day

Stationary: This is a collection I feel like everyone can use – as we all need to write things down sometimes – even in this digital age I still find myself grabbing a notepad to jot down info when I’m on the phone, so why not make sure it’s a super cute Disney notepad you’re grabbing when you need one? Postcards, notebooks/notepads, writing items like pens, pencils, crayons, markers and more are available at almost all of the Disney souvenir shops, and they are the perfect collection for young ones to start with too

Hopefully these inexpensive Disney souvenir ideas will help inspire you to start your own collection of memorabilia from your trips! I would love to know – what Disney souvenirs do YOU collect from your trips?

Top Inexpensive Disney Souvenir Collections 2

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